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Building Your City (Basics)

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default Building Your City (Basics)

Post by HooahJuice on Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:26 am

City Building

You need to first set up your basic facilities such as:

Command Center - This is an overview of your city's progress.  It will tell how how much food, oil, steel, wood and coins are being produced.  In regards to food, it will tell you how much you are producing and how much you are using on your troops/infected.  When your food display is RED, that means your troops/infected are using more food resources than you are producing.  Your troops will not die but you will have to gather food resources to upgrade or train more troops.

Recruiting Station - Used to train troops (T1,T2,T3 & T4).  As you upgrade or build additional recruiting stations, the amount of troops you can train increases.

Hospital - Used to heal units after an attack on your city.  As you upgrade or build additional hospitals, the amount of troops you can heal increases.

Housing - Produces Coins, and improves training time for troops.  As you upgrade or build additional housing units, more coins are produced and your training time "decreases".

Research Lab - Used to research new technologies or upgrade previously researched technologies

Infected Pen - Used to capture infected (Shambler, Runner, Bloated & Elite) Strong against city defenses.

Storage Bunker - Protects your resources.  As you upgrade, the amount of resources protect from being farmed increases

Foreign Embassy - Houses troops from members of your alliance.  members of your alliance have the ability, as you do, to send additional troops to yours and their base.  Whether to hide troops or help defend your city from an attack.

Cloning Center - This revives your hero if killed.  it also  gives you bonuses suck as Hero XP and Hero XP Retained.  This is important because when your hero rises a level, you get Skill Points that go towards your Skill Tree.  Your Skill Tree increases areas of your city.  If put towards food, it will increase the food production your city produces.  If put towards any type of defense, it will increase your city or troop defense.  It wi

Radar - Displays all armies moving towards your city or city's encampments including attacks, trades, reinforcements and scouts.  As you upgrade, you will be able to see who, what and how many are coming at you.


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