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VIP / VIP Points

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default VIP / VIP Points

Post by HooahJuice on Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:19 pm


There are 10 levels of VIP

Every 24 hours you can login and receive VIP points. Starting off you get 100 points per day. They have a “Login Streak” and if you login daily, the higher the VIP points you receive.

With different levels of VIP comes different “perks” you may receive such as “Instant construction speedup” and that means if the construction of a building takes 3 minutes and you are at VIP level 1, once you build the “resource/city building” you can click free and you will not have to wait said amount of time that it would have taken to build. There are different perks but if you play the game, you will understand it a bit more and I will not have to explain them.


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